Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Somebunny to Love and other

Have you seen my stitchy bug?! He escaped and seems he's not going to come back in these days...
So if you see him, tell that i'm missing him ;)

Lately I was stitching there and here, few xxx a day
And you?

Today I'll show you my 2 new wips
I love this somebunny design, I don't even need to say that it will be for my children!
I'm doing it on 28ct. white evenweave. Design is from "TheWorldOfCross Stitching" iss 179. I've purchased it on ipad and it's so comfortable to use the pattern! 

This pattern is from Red Brolly, they have some cute free patterns. Wanted to try something new :)

As I'm messy and always leave threads, scissors around (and it's not so good when there are children around) bought this nice box. Happy :)

And before i leave, how could i do it without sharing a pic of my tresures? eheheh

Have a great week!