Monday, 22 March 2010

I Love to Stitch My "Aquarius"

This month I've done not a lot- busy with my boy, he is growing so fast, wow! Now he is 56cm long and 5kg :)
My grandma came to visit us, so I have more free time cause she helps me :) And here is my wip- i left the frame, because i stitched just the dress...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

To Start 2nd Design or Not?...

Yesterday arrived my order- threads (some yellows and kreinik very fine 32) and needle minder peacock . Should start stitching "paradaisal bird", but I'm afraid that if i start it, i'll never finish "aquarius" or any other work...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday :)

Was thinking to take my baby outside, but it's a bit cold, so we're staying at home. I don't feel very well too... Hope to get better soon :)
I washed my fabric- it still have some marks, but when i'll stitch, threads should cover them :)

I found another patern, i bought it time ago- a lovely cat. It's QS Curley Tailed Rosey by Annie Rodrigue. I'd like to stitch it too, but... 3 WIPs in one time?
Now i'm going to do some xxx on "aquarius" :)

Happy stitching

Friday, 5 March 2010

Oh Noooo!!!

I'm so nervous! I just found a few big marks of orange pen on my fabric (on which i stitch "aquarius"). I mark patern with that pen and i forgot to close it... Gosh, i hope the colour will wash out!!!

My 2nd Work

Finaly I decided to start 2nd HAED design- Paradaisal Bird by Alena Lazareva. It will be a present for my bf :) Hope he will like it :D
Just ordered few threads, should arrive in 5days :)
Here's the original:
Hrrr, can't wait to start it :)