Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Proud of Myself

Can you believe it? I managed to finish 3rd page this month!!! I looove it sooo much!!!

I wanted to share this photo of my son with you, took it this morning :) I adore his smile ...

Last week I had a check up and doctor told me that the little one in my tummy is a girl!!!!!! 
Time ago when someone was asking me when I will finish to stitch "aquarius", I told that I should have a dougter which is aquarius, teach her cross stitching so she could finish it ehehe... Due date is 12.02.2012 so she's aquarius for sure. That's incredible!!! But I hope to finish it by myself and give it as a present for her :)

Happy stitching!!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Two Pages Finished

Finaly i've finished page 1 and 2!!! No more confetti yuppee :)
I wanted to post as soon as i finished 1st and 2nd page, but i hadn't few colours to finish all, so moved to 3rd page, quarter is already done. Oh, and i will not move to another page untill this one is completely done

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