Saturday, 11 February 2012

She is here :)

Helloooo :)
From last update this is my progress of "Train of Dreams". Not that much, but I have the best excuse ever ahahaha :D 

Here she is, my little princess Sofia Victoria. Arrived 7 February :)

And here we are, my son who was celebrating his 2nd birthday on 9 feb
Wow, the time is flying!!! 

Thanks for reading my blog :) Hope to show you more pics soon!!!


Hazel said...

Congrats! She is adorable. Xxxxxx

Simona said...

Thanks Hazel :)

megan_bright said...

Congrats! You have such a beautiful family :)

Mouse said...

congratulations to you all ... she is gorgeous and what a pretty name too :) happy birthday to your little man as well .. hope he had a fab day :) love mouse xxxxx

Jan said...

Congratulations! What a darling baby girl. Train of Dreams is looking fabulous

Renatukas said...

Simona, sveikinimai didžiausiu sulaukus dukrytės ;)

P.S. ir traukinuko postūmis koks nemažas, labai gražu..

ir aš jau viską susiruošus šiam paveikslui, belieka tik pradėti.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh the little princess is so adorable =)
You must be very proud =)

Simona said...

Thank you!

Aciu Renatuk :) labai smagiai siuvinejasi traukinukas. Tik uzmiega mazoji, iskart siuvineju- kad ir 5min, bet koks kaifas :D