Monday, 7 May 2012

My girl. And an update :)

The train is arriving!!! :) I was stitching the rug, got a bit tired of green, but it's done!!!! 
Here's how it looks now

I really like it, I can't wait to put more xxx on it :)

And here is my little angel, she is 3months today :) 
(to tell the truth, i wanted to show you my girl, not the wip ehehehe...)

Thanks for reading my blog


Hazel said...

Oh she is soooo sweet! xx

Mouse said...

awwww she is adorable gorgeous photo of her too :)
stitching isn't bad either heheheh .. love those dragons .. doing afternoon tea over one and not got too far at all ... love mouse xxxxx

mdgtjulie said...

She's adorable Simona. Absolute angel face. And your WIP is looking good too. Train of Dreams, right? It's LONG!!! Grats on the progress, and good luck with the rest!

Gizzimomo said...

Train of Dreams is looking fan and your little girl is sooooooo cute!

Jagna said...

amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, your little girl looks so cute =)

Elisabeth said...

What a beautiful work, all those many colors. And what a nice picture of the boy. :) * Smile *