Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bunnies :)

I took this photo few weeks ago, but hadn't  time to post it.
I still have to wash it and frame it. But... Was thinking to stitch  my childrens names (Adam   Sofia). What you think? All straight, curved?... Or not to stitch and leave left corner so empty?..

Monday, 12 November 2012

Just popping in to wish you a great week!
Soon I'll show you somebunny to love design that I finished few days ago :)
My camera is broken, waiting it to be fixed :(

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Somebunny to Love and other

Have you seen my stitchy bug?! He escaped and seems he's not going to come back in these days...
So if you see him, tell that i'm missing him ;)

Lately I was stitching there and here, few xxx a day
And you?

Today I'll show you my 2 new wips
I love this somebunny design, I don't even need to say that it will be for my children!
I'm doing it on 28ct. white evenweave. Design is from "TheWorldOfCross Stitching" iss 179. I've purchased it on ipad and it's so comfortable to use the pattern! 

This pattern is from Red Brolly, they have some cute free patterns. Wanted to try something new :)

As I'm messy and always leave threads, scissors around (and it's not so good when there are children around) bought this nice box. Happy :)

And before i leave, how could i do it without sharing a pic of my tresures? eheheh

Have a great week!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Time is passing too fast!!! I just realized that passed 10 days since my last post... 
So here is a pic, took it two days ago

One more book! And lots of confetti everywhere i left :(
I must to lear to stitch page by page cause it's too hard to find every single stitch i have to do

Oh, what I hear!!! My little girl is calling me mamma !!!Amazing, her first word!!!
Going to cudle her

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I Want 2 Stitch

I'm here, just been too busy (and lazy) to post...
My little girl is growing so fast (today she is 6mnths already). Lots of milestones- rolling over, sitting... Every day something new. And the most beautiful thing is that my son loves adores his sister!!! He can't pass near her without giving a kiss

My stitching? Goes very very slowly... I'll add pic in next days

Oh, forgot to show you new arrivals- we have 5 puppies!!! Some of them born 31st July and other 1st August :)

Aren't they cute???.....

Thanks for reading, even if I don't write so offten as I'd like :D

Happy stitching!

Monday, 7 May 2012

My girl. And an update :)

The train is arriving!!! :) I was stitching the rug, got a bit tired of green, but it's done!!!! 
Here's how it looks now

I really like it, I can't wait to put more xxx on it :)

And here is my little angel, she is 3months today :) 
(to tell the truth, i wanted to show you my girl, not the wip ehehehe...)

Thanks for reading my blog

Sunday, 1 April 2012


After one month I'm back. And I have something to show- my new friend dino :) Oh, I love so much to stitch this chart!!!

And here are some pics of my children.
Handsome Adam Diego

And my princess Sofia Victoria :)

Thanks for popping in :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

She is here :)

Helloooo :)
From last update this is my progress of "Train of Dreams". Not that much, but I have the best excuse ever ahahaha :D 

Here she is, my little princess Sofia Victoria. Arrived 7 February :)

And here we are, my son who was celebrating his 2nd birthday on 9 feb
Wow, the time is flying!!! 

Thanks for reading my blog :) Hope to show you more pics soon!!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Back with "Train of Dreams" :)

Quick update of  "Train Of Dreams"

I promised myself not to move to other page untill all confetti are done. Not much left!!!!

Thanks for visiting

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

1st Post This Year

Happy New Year!!!
Better later than never ehehe :)

Here I am- few weeks ago (new years ewe to be exact). And now my belly is MUCH bigger. Wow, time passed so fast! Just some more days and I will be mother of two

Here's my little model Adam, he loves to pose for photos :)
These makes me laugh every time i look at :D

I stitch and I try to do as much as I can- don't know how much time will have for it when 2nd baby will arrive...
Photos commin soon!!!
Wanted to show you what I've created few days ago. Just love it!!! I'ts so comfy- all things together (usualy I couldn't find scissors, pen or something else...)

From this:

To this: