Thursday, 3 June 2010

Update of "Aquarius" & Other :)

Hi :)
How are you? Hope all is great!
I'm fine too- having great time with my son, i'm so exited to see how he grows and learns new things every day.
On May we were in France for a week- seen Festival of Cannes. Haven't seen any "star", cause was midday, so took just few pics of red carpet :) It's difficult to stay arround for a long time with baby...
The weather was great last days so was spending a lot of time outside with my family so i've done not a big progress on "Aquarius". Now i'm going to stitch the sky- a bit tired to work on her dress...

But... I've finished "Lickle Ted"!!! It's a birthday present for my bf, he was so happy for it :)
In these days should arrive my order from, can't wait to receive it!

Have a good day and happy stitching!



Tania said...

That aquarius look faboulus!

Simona said...

thanks Tania :)

Elisa said...

Oh what a beautiful piece of embroidery already great to see.