Thursday, 23 January 2014

Photos photos :)

I'm writing this post on blogger as for some reason I can't add images on wordpress :( Waiting to be fixed.
But I don't want to wait and will post photos right now (found how to connect blogger ws wordpress)

This one is by Veronique Enginger, it's from french magazine. I've started in september i think... 

At the moment I'm doing "Orchidèes" by the same author V. Enginger- I just love her designs. They are soooo delightful!!! 

Veronique Enginger "Orchidée"
DMC floss
Ivory evenweave 32ct 

Lets see what I've finished :)
This one had to be made from 15 pieces, but as you notice, it has jus 6. All of them are different.
When I started 7tj piece, understood that so much backstitching and just 2 colours is not for me. Just couldn't resist, too boring and made me nervous ahahahaha
Christmas present for my dad :)

Book "La Passion des Biscornu" by Aurelle
White evenweave 32ct
Cross stitch 2 strands, back stitch 1 strand
Mill Hill glass seed beads

Next one is "Plum Orchid" by Faby Reilly. Sweet colours. Easy to stitch and amazing result. Must to do this one and for myself as I gave it for my grandma on Christmas :) She loves to sew so nothing could be better for her. She loooooved it and shows to everyone

"Plum Orchid" by Fab Reilly
White evenweave 32ct
DMC floss

And the last one I started when was in Lithuania for winter holidays at home of my family (dad and grandma)
She is so cute :)
Very small so keep it in my bag ( still have to put in there) and will stich when we go around and have to wait for my bf in a car :)

Kit by DMC
Flower Fairies- The Snowdrop Fairy

Thank You for visiting and reading :)