Saturday, 29 October 2011

Update and New Wip

Before this month ends up wanted to post progress of Aquarius as I'm putting it away for some time.

As you can see, there isn't much done on it, I came back on tuesday from Lithuania (been there for 10 days) and had "no stitching" days. But I visited some shops and bought some fabric (evenweave 25, 28 and 32ct), scissors, petit needles, mill hill gladss seed beads, some threads and other goodies... But the best thing I've got is... Just look at the pic

With all threads and fabric!!! My head is still dizzy ahahaha :) 
Welcome my new WIP "Train of Dreams" by Randal Spangler :) I'll hang it in the room of my son ;)
Here is progress after.. eh let me think... 3 days. Started 27 october. Stitching it on 28 ct evenweave (tryed it and love the coverage, better then 25ct!).

Have a great weekend!



Hazel said...

You must have great eyesight! I am struggling on my 25 count! Gorgeous wips and very motivating to get mine back out. x

valerie said...

Gorgeous progress on Aquarius! Great new start too...

Elisa said...

Wouw, its is amazing,