Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just 3 weeks and christmas is here. Getting ready?
Yesterday I've been out to get some presents for my bf. Found all he wanted :)
But today... I'm in bed. Probably it's flue. I can't stitch as my eyes gets tired in 3minutes...
My computer got virus or something too ahahah so can't post pics untill my bf fixes it.
Was stitching train of dreams-can't put it away. I think one page is done, maybe a bit more :) can't wait to show it for you.
Oh, my little girl is kicking me. We decided to call her Sofia.
My son can't pronounce it, calls her Fifi. Every morning and evening when we stay in bed, he pulls up my shirt, puts his head on my belly and calls her "Fifi, Fifi, boom boom!!!". ( he asks her to move and kick). Sooo sweet!...

Hope you're fine and having a nice day.


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