Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My First Biscornu

Back from France with another finished piece. It's my first biscornu. And finaly I've learned to do french knots (I had to go to Franche to learn them ahahahah)
I'm really proud of myself, thought to stop in the midle of work. there're so many french knots....
Here it is, what do you think?

Lavender Bouquet by Faby Reilly
Stitched on white evenweave 28ct 
2 over 2

Now I started another biscornu called "Biscornu Gourmand", pattern from a most inspiring book for biscornu "La Passion des Biscornus"
You must buy this book :)
 Maybe the only thing I missed in it, is explaining how to stitch them, something like step by step, cause for begginer it's not so easy to understand :)

Stitching on 32ct raw linen 

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