Friday, 12 July 2013

love shopping!

 After I discovered how to upload pics using my phone, will share more often (but still hoping to fix my pc). Just let me know if photos are too heavy,  will resize them ;)

Look what I've got in France last week! I was looking for some linens or any other beautiful fabric in the market (where selling all antique stuff) but found this floss- 45 dmc skeins for just 18 €+few skeins that were opened & used for free (in Italy costs 1.80 €) so lucky me!!!
Some of them should be old, they have different packaging as you can see in the photo. They were not using bar code yet as well :) and same number floss are slightly different.

And some cross stitch magazines,  I adore French designs! Will I live forever? ...

Sneak peek at what I'm stitching right now :)

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SoCal Debbie said...

Oh lucky you! Congratulations on your great buys of DMC floss and French cross stitch magazines!