Monday, 20 September 2010

Back home

Passed long time from my last post. I've been busy with my son, traveling... We went to visit my parents in Lithuania by car. It's about 2200km to go and same to come back. We stoped to sleep in Vienna (Austria) and than in Lithuania for one week. All time raining!!! So most of time we were at home... Our return was more fun- first night in Poland, Warsaw. Old town is so beautiful! Here we are, in a beautiful bar for breakfast:

From Poland we went to Berlin, Germany for one night and than to Innsbruck (Austria)

Had great time with my family :)

And here are my wip's:
Some Bunny to Love- ABC Sampler and Curley Tailed Rosey

And here's a pocket tissue holder, which was very easy to sew

Aswell I received a beautiful present from my dear friend Ada. It's for my son

Thats all for now


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