Monday, 4 October 2010

Quick "hello" from Brazil

Week ago we arrived to Fortaleza, Brazil for holidays and work (my bf). I love this place!!! We've been here 3years ago and so many things have changed since then!
We're staying near the sea, just 10min to walk. Most of time we are spending in the garden near the swimming pool cause it's too hot and I'm a bit afraid that my little boy might burn his skin.

Wanted to add some photos of this place, but I can't do it right now- I'm writing on my phone and it's impossible to upload them :(

I've done some xxx on my cat, I love how it comes!!! Moving slowly cause at day it's too hot and after 6pm it's dark here!!! So strange :D
going to drink something cold and then to sleep... Had a long day today



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