Thursday, 20 January 2011

Who is the winner?

Good morning :)
I woke up with a terrible head ache, hope it will pass soon. I've started to follow one diet, so probably thats the reason of it... Great, soon i'll look much better hehehe

Crystal, are you reading? You won second draw!!! ( you were the only one follower who left comment, thanks for following my blog)

And the winner of tatty ted kit is... Do you really want to know it, eh?.. Ok.. Lets see... IEVA!!!

I'm curious where a little surprise will go, cause I don't know where Crystal is from. And tatty ted is going to Lithuania :) Yupeee, I'm so happy for both of you!

Thanks to everybody for leaving comments, I wish i had kits for everybody... But don't be sad, follow my blog- I'll do another giveaway soon ;)

Crystal and Ieva, I'll contact you by email for further info where to send your presents, answer ASAP!


Update.: Crystal, I found your blog, but no email. Can you write to me pls?


Crystal said...

Simona I emailed you my address, and congrats to Leva for winning the Tatty Ted kit. Thank you Simona for a great contest.

Ieva said...

Super :) gavau siuntinuka :) TT meskuti :) ir ne tik, dar ir keleta staigmeneliu :) sirdingas aciu :)