Monday, 22 March 2010

I Love to Stitch My "Aquarius"

This month I've done not a lot- busy with my boy, he is growing so fast, wow! Now he is 56cm long and 5kg :)
My grandma came to visit us, so I have more free time cause she helps me :) And here is my wip- i left the frame, because i stitched just the dress...


Nina said...


What kind of fabric are you using? I just wondering which I'm going to choose my HAED :)


Simona said...

I'm stitching on evenweave 25ct. Which design are you going to stitch? :) Would love to see the progress ;)

Nina said...

Well, I have started Zindy Nielsen's "" on 25ct evenweave, but found it very difficult. My stitches are probably very...hmmm...loose (hope that's the right term). Are you using two strands? Now I'm thinking either replacing the fabric for aida or sticthing only for one strand. But your work looks just awesome, you've done a great work with it! :)

Simona said...

Thanks :)

I use 1 strand, two are too much for me. Try and u to stitch with 1 ;)
Let me know what u'll decide and show me the progress :)

Nina said...

Oh, how reliefed I am! :) Two strands were too much, but I didn't want to change the fabric to the aida (the finished size would be so big). But if the result will be nearly as wonderful as yours, I'll try just one strand :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) :) :)