Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday :)

Was thinking to take my baby outside, but it's a bit cold, so we're staying at home. I don't feel very well too... Hope to get better soon :)
I washed my fabric- it still have some marks, but when i'll stitch, threads should cover them :)

I found another patern, i bought it time ago- a lovely cat. It's QS Curley Tailed Rosey by Annie Rodrigue. I'd like to stitch it too, but... 3 WIPs in one time?
Now i'm going to do some xxx on "aquarius" :)

Happy stitching


mimilove forever said...

Aquarias is quite beautiful but not quite as gorgeous as that wee fella of yours! Congratulations!!! (better late than never eh?!)

Simona said...

Thanks mimilove ;)